Thursday, February 2, 2012

Commercial Property Inspection

The commercial inspection process is quite different from a home inspection. Where the home inspection requires an inspection process from soup to nuts so to speak. This would include flooring, electrical, plumbing, roofing, HVAC, windows, screens, doors, child safety issues, landscape and irrigation issues, smoke alarms, GFCI's and... Well, you get point.

The commercial inspection is more commonly referred to as a Four Point Inspection, (Roofing, Plumbing, Mechanical and Electrical systems). You would still look for issues with regard to visible structural and water intrusion issues but not concern yourself with the more aesthetic issues of the property as with the home inspection.

For many commercial and industrial inspections, the properties are quite large. This creates the need for an inspection team. In addition to myself, I bring in a commercial roofing contractor, commercial mechanical contractor and commercial electrical contractor. A recent 8000'sf commercial property inspection had 37 tons of central air equipment over (6) roof mounted package and split units, a roofing system with (5) different elevations and (3) different types of material and a 600 amp switch panel board with (6) interior sub panels.

Total time on location for a vacant property of this size was (6) hours. We discovered substantial issues with regard to each of the inspection disciplines. The client in this case was provided a full report package with general inspection report from myself and subcontractor reports for each area of expertise. The completed package with photography was delivered to the client via email with cover sheet and SLA - Service Level Agreement within 48 hours of inspection.

Have an upcoming commercial or industrial building inspection in California? Let "Progressive Inspection Service" handle the project for you with one phone call. You'll thank me later!

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