Tuesday, April 1, 2014

RHIS - Rental Housing Inspection Service

The goal of our "Rental Housing Inspection Service" (RHIS) is to identify and document substandard conditions in rental properties,
promote greater compliance with basic health and safety standards and preserve neighborhood quality and property values.

My service focuses on identification and documenting health and safety issues in residential rental properties that are:
  • Issues regarding occupant safety - (Unsafe Conditions)
  • Threats to structural integrity of the building - (Unsafe Conditions)
  • Items having a negative impact on the surrounding neighborhoods
Our "Rental Housing Inspection Service" (RHIS) for single family dwellings, duplexes, and apartments. The inspection objective is to identify, report and correct substandard housing conditions through voluntary compliance from landlords and property owners. This will ensure that residential properties meet minimum health and safety standards.

It is our intent to educate property owners of the need for preventative maintenance to ensure residential properties meet minimum health and safety standards. In many instances, the owner/tenant may be unaware of the property conditions and issues.

Inspections identify inadequate sanitation, structural hazardous, hazardous electrical, plumbing, or heating systems, faulty weather protection, fire hazards, inadequate exits, and unhealthy or unsanitary premises. The identification and correction of substandard housing helps property owners improve their property and neighborhood. This will help to ensure that families are living in a safe property and also benefit the property owner through improved tenant relations and revenue metrics.

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