Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Central Air Ducting

So today's photo is from a recent San Clemente home inspection of a 1980's two story tract home built by a large well known national builder.

Flexible fiberglass ducting is part of the original central air installation package and is visible in the attic and a very small area of the garage above the FAU. The ducting is comprised of a three part system make up including an interior transparent membrane, insulation layer and outer layer protective jacket.

Can your ducting system be compromised? Of course. Rodents can cause damage, sun light (UV) shining through roof vents can damage the outer jacket and of course we have physical contact issues from workers going into the attic over the years or even falling debris from re-roof activity.

Once the outer jacket is damaged the insulation becomes loose exposing the interior membrane. At this point energy efficiency is compromised, condensation can form at the interior of the duct leading to bacteria and or mold issues and reduced indoor air quality.

Remember, always use licensed contractors when working on your property, pull those permits when required and when in doubt, error on the side of safety.

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