Saturday, October 5, 2013

Exposed Electrical Wiring

Today's photo is from a a 1970's home in Huntington Beach, CA. Not at all uncommon that a structure of that age might have several electrical alterations. That is where the fun begins....

So you've decided your basic stripped down garage needs some more outlets, lighting, appliances, etc.. Can we add more of same, of course. Let's make sure we do the alterations correctly. 120/240v wiring must not be left exposed. Junction boxes must be secure and covered. We must not over load a circuit or branch off a dedicated circuit like your laundry equipment or central air system for example.

Today's picture shows exposed 120v cable and or extension cord wiring running throughout the garage. Extension cords may not be used as a permanent power supply source and the romex cable must be protected from physical contact and or damage, (Bad things can happen).

Remember, always use licensed contractors, don't forget your required permits and always error on the side of safety..

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