Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Electrical Outlets

So today, let's talk about some basic residential outlet safety. We are a society of electrical components, appliances and devices. Our electrical demands have never been higher.

Are we taking care of our "End User" electrical source, "The Outlets"? Maybe not.

In modern homes we have 3 hole, 3 wire grounded outlets. For optimum safety we should have GFCI protection at kitchen, wet bar, laundry basin, bathroom, garage, sub area and or exterior mounted outlets. This doesn't mean a GFCI outlet at every individual outlet but rather protection at each of those circuits. An electrician can properly locate and install a single GFCI outlet on a circuit for example which protects all the outlets on that circuit.

Have you seen any burnt, damaged, loose or out of position outlets about your home? If so, let's get them corrected, they're unsafe for sure. Do you have old outlets with loose contacts? They're also unsafe and can cause arcing form power cord use and movement.

Remember, always use licensed contractors when working on your property, pull those permits when required and when in doubt, error on the side of safety.

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