Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Home Inspection - Sub Area?

Today's photo will address perimeter drainage issues and their impact on raised foundation homes. This particular home is a 70's vintage three story structure with large lower level sub area.

Let's think about the amount of rain that might fall on your property. How much of that might actually gather from the roofing system and what are we doing with that water? Do you have a full perimeter rain gutter system with discharge away from the foundation? Do you have a full perimeter yard area surface drainage system with discharge to the street or other safe location? Does the perimeter grade or flat work slope away from the structure? Do you have planters that trap water against the foundation?

A little bit of water to a open grade sub area is anticipated and acceptable. An excessive amount of recurring moisture into and or at the sub area is "Unacceptable".

Remember, always use licensed contractors and when in doubt error on the side of safety.

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