Sunday, October 6, 2013

Toilet Inspection?

So you flush your toilet and the water and waste go away, everything seems fine. Are you sure? Depending on the type of toilet, there are multiple components involved in the make up and operation of the fixture.

Today's picture is of a more conventional everyday toilet assembly. It's two piece (bowl and tank), flapper type flush valve and a vertical tank mounted anti-siphon fill valve. From the picture you can see water spraying from the anti-siphon fill valve into the tank after flush. It might not seem like a problem but as the seal wears more and more water can begin to spray up and leak by the tank cover.

You might find some occasional water standing on the floor around the toilet, this might be your problem. Another common source of minor leakage is at the toilet tank seal where the two pieces attach. Don't worry, both are minor repairs and inexpensive to correct. Don't let the leak persist.

Remember to always use licensed contractors and when in doubt, error on the side of safety.

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