Thursday, October 10, 2013

Perimeter Flat Work

So today's photo is of a slope side property with a SW facing ocean exposure. When is it time to enlist the services of an Engineering Geologist? One could argue its always a good idea when purchasing slope or hill side property. Today we'll consider issues with the perimeter masonry flat work surfaces.

Look for cracks, voids, separation and or deflection. Hairline and slightly larger cracks are some what normal as concrete does crack. What if we see larger voids? What if we notice multiple larger cracks and voids, maybe they're in a common direction of movement, i.e.; toward the slope. Is there adequate yard drainage? Is there a full perimeter rain gutter system with discharge into the drainage system rather than at the foundation? Is there a history of slope/soil issues in the development?

Well... You've probably met the threshold for contacting the Geologist. Yes, it's going to cost you some money for the inspection. But for me it's a double positive. If the Geologist comes back with good news your happy, if the news is bad, you wanted to know before the close of escrow.

Remember, when in doubt error on the side of safety...

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