Monday, September 30, 2013

Re-Roofing with Tile?

So today's inspection involved an un-
permitted tile roof system installation on a 1930's vintage home. This particular tile is a 1 1/8" concrete tile and not of a light weight manufacturing process.

Can you add this tile to your home? Yes, but we have to verify that the existing roof support structure can handle the extra weight of the tile.

In this homes case, the added load was to much for the existing framing. Substantial deflection up to 4" was noted at multiple locations of the finished roofing surfaces. Review the attic interior truss and ridge framing showed multiple cracked or broken framing members.

First, it's time to contact an independent licensed roofing contractor, not the company who installed this particular roof. Once the issues have been confirmed, step two is two get a structural engineer involved who will design the roof structure framing improvements for the roofer to follow.

Remember, always used licensed contractors and when in doubt, error on the side of safety!

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