Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Irrigation System

Yes, I know you like the property to be lush and green during the listing. And the visual does look nice but come on now people.

Trees are laying all over the roof line, shrubs and vines have attached themselves to the exterior wall cladding, patio covers are like Bat Caves.

Well... Guess what? water intrusion is occurring at the exterior wall cladding, roof run off is being restricted, sprinklers are spraying directly onto the structure, walkways, fencing, operating equipment and that's where the trouble starts. You're sprinklers should be at the perimeter structure facing away from same. In many cases its just the opposite. Vegetation traps moisture against the house and vine growth actually acts like a piping system bringing unwanted moisture directly into the wall cavity.

Remember, water can cause abnormal wear, deterioration, decay, water intrusion and or mold growth!

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