Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mobile Home Inspections

Are you buying a modular, prefabricated or mobile home? Have you been thinking that maybe you don't need a home inspection on your purchase? Don't make the same mistake other buyers have made by assuming that these structures don't experience the same issues and pitfalls of more traditional homes. They in fact can experience an entirely different set of issue in addition to conventional homes. There are four major areas of concern when addressing mobile homes.

     * Roofing - Simplistic paneled roofing systems - water
        intrusion issues
     * Plumbing - Significant use of galvanized plumbing - water
        intrusion issues
     * Environmental Issues - Interior walls, insulation, chemicals and
        water intrusion
     * Substructure - Earthquake and or retrofitted support bracing

Don't let "As Is" convince you to pass up an opportunity for your home inspection. That decision could cost you thousands of dollars after the close of escrow.

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