Sunday, September 22, 2013

Gas Appliance Exhaust Vent

Chances are you've got a gas fired water heater or heating system in your home. Ever wonder where the super heated carbon monoxide exhaust is going? Well, it's being disposed of via an exterior exhaust vent system. In many cases this vent system extends to the roof line. This allows those harmful gases to dissipate in the air while not harming the structure and or occupants.

It is very important that this roof mounted exhaust vent properly extend away from the adjacent roof line. This will prevent back draft of carbon monoxide exhaust into the unit and or structure. Today's picture shows rust/corrosion and or deterioration of a forced air heating unit exhaust vent which terminates to close to the adjacent roof line. Your exhaust vent must terminate a minimum of 12" above the highest point of the roof line within 4' of the subject vent.

Remember, when in doubt, error on the side of safety, you'll thank me later!

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