Monday, September 16, 2013

Garage Door Openers

You're residential garage door opener system is equipped with three basic installation related safety features. Each of these is very important to provide safe operation of the system and to help improve child safety in your home.

     1. The wall mounted control switch should be elevated a  
         minimum of 5 feet above the floor.

     2. The on contact device should be tested monthly using a 2" x
         4" board laid flat under the door.

     3. The optical sensors should be located 5" to 6" above the floor at
         each side of the door.

Today's picture shows a homeowner installed system with the optical sensors not mounted at the door but rather at the motor assembly. As you can imagine this installation provides no safety to pedestrian traffic, pets, vehicles or personal property. Remember, improper installation of a garage door and or automatic opener can cause property damage and or personal injury.

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