Thursday, September 5, 2013

Home Inspection Access

So, you've put a transaction together, have an accepted offer and you're ready for the next step, your  "Home Inspection". The interior of the house looks great, the listing agent has asked the homeowner to move much of their personal property, furniture, boxes, etc. to help show the property. Guess where they moved everything to.... The garage.

So what to do when you need to inspect a one, two or three car garage? Your Home Inspector and Termite Inspector will both need good access for proper inspection. In this recent case the Buyers Agent asked for garage to be cleared of most personal property and made accessible. The picture above shows what we discovered after the area was cleared. Water damage, mold, compromised fire wall surfaces and substandard water heater installation were just a few of the issues that came to light as a result of having proper access for inspection.

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