Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Electrical Safety

Today's photo is from a home inspection in Lomita, CA. A remodeled 1921 single family home on a raised foundation.

The home is substantially remodeled from top to bottom over the past 10 years with not a single permit obtained in the past 36 years, yikes!

Electrical alterations when done incorrectly can present some of the most hazardous conditions in your home. As you can see from this photo live electrical circuits are resting on grade throughout the sub area. This would include open conductors, outlets without covers, outlets not GFCI protected and or exposed 120v cable wiring.

All electrical circuits, wiring, conduit and equipment should be properly elevated above grade. This particular home needs an independent licensed electrical contractor immediately to resolve these unsafe conditions.

Remember, when in doubt, error on the side of safety!

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