Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Air Conditioning

So your air conditioning system is running poorly. Maybe the temperature split, (Cold) air differential with the ambient indoor air temp is not to your liking. Is your unit low on refrigerant? Could it have a evaporator coil issue? More times than not, it has to do with air flow. Remember, the life blood of the system is air flow.

Do you have a restricted evaporator coil caused by a dirty air filter? Do you have shrub growth or tree contact with the condenser? Or in this case, vandalism has caused restricted air flow across the condenser.

Your air conditioning system is designed to remove moisture from the air. When moisture is removed from air the temperature will continue to drop. But air flow is the main component of the system, whether it be air flow at the return air register, air filter, evaporater and or condenser coils, the entire system is balanced for performance via air flow.

So in closing, check your condenser coil. Don't store material against the unit. Keep pets and plant growth away from the unit. Replace your air filters frequently. Proper air flow will reduce energy costs and help your air conditioning system perform correctly.

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