Sunday, September 15, 2013

Home Inspection Electrical Issues

Electrical wiring? Looks harmless, simple to install? What could go wrong? I'll just add a few switches and outlets in my home and save myself the trouble of paying for an electrician.

Today's picture from a Long Beach, CA Home Inspection shows an Owner added fixture at a hall linen closet. If you can see the electrical wiring at the interior of a home, it's no doubt substandard and unsafe. 120/240v cable wiring is running bare in the interior wall cavities but when it penetrates a wall to the interior of the structure it must be protected by junction boxes and or conduit.

We may not use single conductor wiring and or pig tail wiring splices at any portion of the structure as well. We're trying to prevent physical contract and damage to the wiring and reduce the risk of electrocution and or fire safety issues.

Be safe out there! - Call an independent licensed electrical contractor for help...

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