Saturday, September 14, 2013

Ceiling Exhaust Fan

Let me start off by saying, just because you can buy something at "Home Depot" does not mean you're qualified to install it in your home. So yesterdays Long Beach, CA Home Inspection revealed a significant number of substandard electrical alterations, additions and or remodeling. All of which were un-permitted and of course not performed by a licensed electrical contractor.

Today's picture shows an added ceiling exhaust fan over a stall shower in a 1950's vintage home. The device is not rated for damp locations, has open exhaust vent discharge into the attic and has substandard wiring including open pig tail splices, exposed single conductor wiring and missing protective grommet at the penetration into the metal housing. The added wall control switch was mounted within 3" of the open shower enclosure entry, (Can you imagine accidentally touching that switch while standing in the shower? Yikes!).

Be careful out there. Sometimes it's in your best interest to hire a qualified licensed, insured contractor to assist you with the more interesting home projects.

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