Friday, September 6, 2013

Central Air Unit

So here's your tip of the day. When we have attic mounted central air units, ie; an evaporator coil in the attic it is essential that we have a secondary system to prevent condensation leaks into the attic and or interior areas of the structure.

These secondary forms of protection come in two configurations. Number one a simple secondary over flow catch pan system placed under the evaporator and primary drain pan configuration. The drain line from this unit is normally placed over a window to notify the occupant of an equipment issue should they notice water discharging from same. Number two is becoming more and more popular, its a simple kill switch that is installed at the secondary drain line off the coil housing. Should moisture ever reach this switch it causes the condenser coil to shut down and thus stop the creation of condensation.

Remember all units will leak eventually, plan ahead. Leakage can and will cause damage to your structure.

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