Saturday, September 21, 2013

Water Heater Installation

So, today's inspection was in Big Bear Lake, CA.. A small 1200'sf cabin on a slab foundation. This is a mountain area and cold weather concerns come into play.

First, I notice the water heater is 27 years old, way past its normal life expectancy. It also is lacking proper insulation at the exposed water supply piping in its exterior closet location. It has no over flow catch pan. Enclosure firewall surfaces have been compromised and is adjacent to a sleeping area. The tank mounted lower drain valve actively leaks. Fire box has been back filled with gravel from vermin access. The exhaust vent roof vent penetration leaks. We're missing the State required double strap earthquake bracing system and an active gas leak was noted at the regulator.

This particular water heater system needs to be replaced to avoid some real issues involving possible damage to the property and or injury. We all like to think our water heater will last forever but that's simply not the case. They do indeed have limited life spans.

How's your water heater?

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