Saturday, September 7, 2013

Microwave Ovens

So you've decided to replace your old cook top exhaust fan system with a microwave oven/fan combination. The sales person at the local appliance store has told you its a no brainer, just measure the width of the opening and stick it in there.

Here's a couple things to consider. #1 were going to need a minimum of 15" clearance from the top of the burner surfaces to the bottom of the microwave. Anything less will cause heat and steam damage to the microwave which will cause it to have a very short life span. #2 let's consider our venting source and or configuration. Does the existing unit vent to the exterior of the structure or re-circulate to the interior. Each of these configurations will change the over all size/space requirement and of course may require additional vent plumbing work in an over head cabinet.

Take a picture of your existing configuration. Measure the space between your existing cook top and the upper mounting surface for the microwave. This distance minus the height of the microwave will give you a clearer picture of your finish spacing above the cook top.

Good Luck!

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